Why Choose Potatopia

One of the core values of the Potatopia mission is to consistently offer our customers outstanding service, whether they are a new customer or a returning customer that you may see regularly. We commit to maintaining a clean, neat, and organized food service offering. You need to believe in this vision and accept it with a personal commitment to sustain our philosophy of freshly prepared, amazing foods and brand culture .

Congratulations on taking the first step to owning your own business and joining our franchise team.

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Download our Franchise Kit


At Potatopia®, we're dedicated to the success of our Franchise Partners and are focused on providing world-class support and service based on respect and trust. When you join the Potatopia family, you'll be working with experienced professionals who have extensive brand building, marketing, development, and operational experience in all functions of the foodservice franchise industry. Here's a small taste of the service you'll receive:

  • Real Estate and Store Development
  • • Prototypical design and conceptual layouts for new franchises
    • Assistance with real estate services including a dedicated leasing team that will proactively identify new real estate opportunities and lead LOI proposal, lease negotiation, and lease review
    • Full Build out Support with a Certified Project Manager
  • Training
  • • Comprehensive, certified training for Franchise Partners and key managers in both the field as well as the Potatopia hands on Spud University

    • Continuing corporate and on-site franchise training

    • Access to online training tools and development support

    • In-depth franchise operations manuals

    • Easy to follow guides for everything

  • Operations and Field Support
  • • Initial management training and on–site visits

    • Access to the corporate management team for business review and performance analysis

    • Inspections focusing on quality, service, and cleanliness

  • Marketing
  • • Innovative Potatopia franchise marketing campaigns

    • High-quality point-of-purchase, merchandising, and local store marketing materials

    • Dedicated marketing and public relations staff to assist with marketing and media planning

    • Seasonal and local store marketing campaigns

    • In-house creative agency to provide Franchise Partners with unique customizable advertising and branding materials

  • Product Development
  • • Wide variety of delicious menu offerings

    • Delivery of world-class menu variety through continuous testing, product improvement, and expanded offerings

    • Operational support and quality assurance

  • Ongoing Support
  • • Regular consultation visits from Potatopia Franchise Business Consultants

    • Regular Q&A consultations

    • Business review analysis of store sales and performance vs. system-wide benchmarks

    • Password-protected Intranet with inventory management tools

The Investment

Potatopia has created two core store models to choose from. We are seeking highly motivated and detail oriented individuals to launch and operate these flexible models. The initial investment necessary to begin the operations of a Potatopia restaurant ranges from $182,725 to $297,050 for a kiosk location and $265,775 to $475,150 for a traditional location. Franchise Fee Discounts are available for multi-unit development agreements.

Minimum requirements

• Cash liquidity of $100,000
• Net worth of at least $300,000

• $35,000 franchise fee. 

Frequently asked questions

Do I need previous restaurant or franchising experience to become a Potatopia® Franchise Partner?
1. While we do prefer you to have previous experience, it is not required.
2. Franchisee candidates without sufficient restaurant experience will be required to successfully complete our internship evaluation.
3. Next steps will be provided at the end of the evaluation.
Is Potatopia offering single and multi-unit opportunities?
Yes, we are currently seeking qualified candidates to open both single and multi-unit franchises.
What are the initial franchise fee and royalty fees?
Initial franchise fee: $35,000 (Discounted for multi-units)
Royalty Fee: 6% of Gross Sales
Brand Development Fee: 1.5%-2% of Gross Sales
What type of training will I receive as a new Potatopia Franchise Partner?
Manager-In-Training Program: 14 days of classroom and in the kitchen training
Grand Opening Support: The Franchise Business Consultant (FBC) and a member of the Training Department will conduct the Potatopia opening, along with the Franchise Partner. A follow up support visit will take place after the Grand Opening. The new location will be equipped with job aid manuals and crew training manuals for core menu items as well as promotional items throughout the year.
On-going Training: Hourly training tools and promotional training guides
Regular contacts and or visits from a FBC and the Potatopia Training Department.
Does Potatopia offer financing?
While we do not offer financing to our franchisees, we have 3rd party relationships with lenders who know franchising and what it takes to open a new business. We can put you in touch with them to help you with the financing needs you may have.
How soon can I expect my Potatopia franchise to open?
The opening of each new Potatopia franchise varies based on the type of location as well as location itself . Franchisees typically open their Restaurants for business within 275-365 days after they sign the Franchise Agreement or pay any consideration for the franchise.
Where are Potatopia® franchises generally located?
You will usually find Potatopia locations in high-traffic locations, such as malls, airports and travel plazas. Potatopia locations can be found in a variety of venues including restaurant store front concepts.
Will I have a protected territory?
Potatopia does offer protected territories, although the area of protection is dependent on the type and location of the franchise that you are opening.
Will I receive guidance on purchasing equipment and supplies?
Yes. Potatopia has a preferred vendor program that covers all aspects of opening your franchise.
Will I receive assistance in planning a Potatopia franchise grand opening?
Yes. Every opening receives training, operations and marketing support, PR & POS support. We are here to assist you every step of the way.
How much money can I make?
Making money is a key factor that will influence your decision to join our team. As you may know, how profitable a business is will depend on an operators dedication to the business as well as whether or not they are following the system. We do offer a Financial Performance Representation in our FDD, called Item 19, and this document will be disclosed to qualified candidates. We’d be happy to share this information and to answer this question for you.